Useful information about Nizhny Novgorod

In the city centre you may take a bus, a trolleybus or a tram. The cost is the same – 20 rub.
Also you can take a taxi to go anywhere in the city. The cost depends on the distance and may range from 80 up to 500 rub. in the city.
There are many places of interest in the city centre, so you may take a walk in order to view the old city and Kremlin.

There are many places of interest in the city centre, so you may take a walk in order to view the old city and Kremlin.
Besides there is underground in the lower part of the city. In November 2012 the underground will be in the upper part in order to connect the city across the Oka River not only with buses but with underground as well. Underground costs 20 rub. It is the fastest way to move around the city.

Moscow railway station ( is the main hub of the Nizhny Novgorod region. A lot of passenger trains to Moscow, Urals, Siberia, Mongolia, Belarus and China go through Nizhny Novgorod. Here you may take any means of public transport to reach different parts of the city.
International airport Strigino-Nizhny Novgorod [GOJ] ( is one of the oldest in the country. Today it serves international and domestic flights.
The easiest way to get to the airport by public transport is from underground station «Park of Culture» with buses №11 and 20 and minibuses №46 and 29. From Moscow railway station you may take the bus №20. But it doesn’t have a precise schedule because of the traffic jams.

Nizhny Novgorod funicular ( is a new transport to cross the Volga from Nizhny Novgorod to the city of Bor. It helps to transport passengers along with a river taxi, buses and electric trains. It includes 28 cabins for 8 persons.
This way of transportation was opened in  February 2012. Nizhny Novgorod funicular is the longest and highest in Europe. It is going to be recorded in the Guinness Book of Records.
Working hours: 6.45am – 9pm, break 11am-1pm, Sundays and holidays 9am – 9pm. Time from station to station 12,5 minutes.
Phone: +7-987-543-90-09, +7 831 424-90-09.
Ticket price is 80 rub.

The same route is done by the river-taxi “Star”. It works every day from 7am to 8 pm with 10 minutes gap. Dock in Nizhny Novgorod is situated near the Chkalovskaya Staircase. Ticket price is about 60 rub.

Nizhny Novgorod is situated on the confluence of two great rivers: the Volga and the Oka. That influences the development of river transport in the city (
You may enjoy a wonderful river trip on the motor ship “Moscow-13”, “Moscow-72”, “Recreation-1”, “Vostok”. You will see a wonderful landscape from the boat – Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin, Chkalovskaya Staircase, Voznesensky Pechersky Monastery.
Also you may take a river-tour to Gorodets, Pavlovo, Tchkalovsk, Makariev Monastery and get acquainted with their history and places of interest.

Emergency Phone Numbers
Emergency 01; from cell pone: 112
Police 02
Ambulance 03
Regional Centre of Disaster Medicine 438-90-90
Control Service of Public Utilities 005
Service for Accidents Registration 002
Inquiry Office of the Airport 254-74-36
Inquiry Office of Railway Station 246-70-31 (to -36)
Inquiry Office of the River Station 431-32-01
Phone Inquiry Office 09
Office for Sending Telegrams 006
Weather Inquiry Office 412-24-11
Representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs 439-13-45
Federal Migration Service 299-91-91

Please note that the boat will depart from Saint Petersburg (airport code LED) and will arrive in Nizhny Novgorod (airport code GOJ).