Call for Papers in the Special Issue

Mathematical Modelling of Natural Phenomena

Call for papers in the Special Issue on

Complex Dynamics, Synchronization, and Emergent Behaviour in Neural Systems and Networks

    Organizers and Editors:

  • I. Tyukin (University of Leicester, United Kingdom; Saint-Petersburg State Electrotechnical University, Russia)
  • A. Gorban (University of Leicester, United Kingdom)
  • V. Makarov (Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain; Nizhny Novgorod State University, Russia)
  • G. Osipov (Nizhny Novgorod State University, Russia)

Networks of dynamical systems have been the subject of considerable attention for many decades. Numerous natural and artificial systems of significant practical importance can be described within this framework. Despite important advances made lately in this filed, several key questions involving developing of laws describing emergence of coherent and lawful behaviour, pattern formation, synchronization of spatially distant systems, dynamical learning of complex behaviours, etc. are still awaiting answers. It is noteworthy that these questions are of particular importance and relevance for natural and artificial neural systems in which heterogeneity and complex dynamics of individual components frequently yield a surprisingly robust function in uncertain and unpredictable environments.

Original contributions from active researchers discussing the state-of- the art models, methods and tools for analysis, control and simulation of a broad spectrum of networks of dynamical systems are welcome. The topics include but are not limed to development of sustained spatiotemporal activity patterns in neuronal systems and networks, emergence of rotating and traveling waves, the influence of network topology on synchronization, the effect of time-delay on the network dynamics, robust activity of heterogeneous networks. General mean-filed models offering insight into the system behaviour and associated methods from nonlinear dynamical systems theory, including bifurcation analysis are also welcomed. Information about the journal can be found on the journal webpage

All submissions are encouraged to use the MMNP LaTeX style. The journal style file and examples of formatted articles can be accessed at

Paper submission Information and Deadlines

Submission of manuscripts will be open from the 1 st of September 2016 until the 1 st of October 2016. Please submit your contribution electronically by e-mailing the pdf of the manuscript and the cover letter to In your cover letter, please state that the contribution is an original work and suggest 2-3 Reviewers for your work. The reviewers should not be from the same institution and should not have any prior joint publications or works with the authors.